Why Natural Is Not Always Organic

Posted by – July 29, 2013

You want to make sure that your family eats the healthiest, most natural and organic food possible. Looking at food labels as you shop is one of the best ways to find wholesome food, right?

Not necessarily.

Some labels are strictly regulated by government agencies as to what food they can go on. Other labels don’t fall under government regulations and can go on just about any food, so long as it doesn’t run afoul of truth-in-advertising laws.

“Natural,” in particular, has no More…

Vinegar And Baking Soda: Your New Best Friends

Posted by – June 6, 2013

Vinegar and baking soda can create a greener home. You can use both of these products to deodorize and clean the home without adding toxins to the environment. They are the greener way to freshen up your home.

Kitchens, carpets, laundry rooms and bathrooms will smell and look cleaner when you use vinegar and baking soda as alternative cleaning products. They are non-toxic making them safer for the environment and your health.

You can clean More…

Saving Money Is Easy By Going Green

Posted by – March 28, 2013

When you recycle your used items, you are making a difference in the world. Local landfills are filling up at an alarming rate. Recycling efforts can reduce the amount of waste that goes into your local landfills. There are many items that you buy every week that can be recycled. Containers that are made out of glass, plastic and paper should be rinsed out and recycled.

Label your containers to separate your items. If you have children, get them involved.Additional information can be found at http://www.lfpress.com/2013/03/13/excess-michigan-garbage-may-wind-up-in-london-landfillMore…

Recycling in the Digital Age

Posted by – January 10, 2013

The beauty of the Internet is in its expanse. Anything you could ever imagine is right at your fingertips. Looking for vintage news anchor bloopers? Just Google “grape stomp.” On the prowl for a new parka to match your favorite furry hat? Browse new and used parkas on Ebay. Looking for a new electricity provider in oh, say, Richland Hills, Texas? Just pop http://www.texaselectricityproviders.com/power-to-choose/Texas/R/Richland-Hills/ into the browser bar. It’s all right there, and it’s faster than it’s ever been before.

Obviously, that expansion of utility reaches into the realm of recycling just the same. We’re a few light years away from recycling bottles through your computer screen, but there are a few very real ways in which the web has aided our ability to recycle.

For one, it’s easier than ever to raise awareness. If you’re leading some sort of unique campaign, you can spread the word through the wonder of social media. Twitter, Facebook and Kickstarter are all great websites to let people know what you’re doing. Whether it’s a neighborhood recycling program or something scalable to a global audience, these are all great tools for putting out the message.

Additionally, the Internet lets us geolocate all the nearest recycling units, so you don’t have to worry about where your cardboard box goes as apposed to your aluminum cans. Just do a quick search and find out where each item type is supposed to be deposited. You shouldn’t have an issue finding just about anything with ever-expanding knowledge base that is the visible web.

Ten Steps To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Posted by – June 6, 2012

There are many easy things we can do to cut down on our carbon footprint. Or course very few will make the commitment to eliminate their footprint completely, but even a little improvement from a majority of individuals can make a big difference. Here are some steps we can all take to make the world a cleaner place. Step one – Unplug appliances and electronics in-between uses, easy enough right. Step two – Say no to bottled water. Believe it or not bottled water leaves a huge carbon footprint with the More…

Going Organic: Saving Your Family And The Planet

Posted by – May 23, 2012

It seems everywhere you turn these days you see the word “Organic.” From the aisles of your local grocery store to articles on choosing a new mattress. You may be wondering to yourself if this is just the newest fad and is it really worth buying into all the hype? The truth is, organic is a movement…and one you don’t want to ignore. For many years now, the conventional foods we have all been buying have been laden with chemicals such as pesticides, preservatives More…

Five Simple Ways You Can Help Save The Planet

Posted by – May 20, 2012

Making a real difference to the planet may seem daunting; after all you are only one person among billions. Believe it or not the individual can make a difference, most revolutions began with the vision of one person and with a lot of hard work their message was shared to the world. In the last century or so, the awareness level on this planet in regards to pollution and energy consumption has risen exponentially, due to people with just More…

Is Going Green The New Black?

Posted by – May 19, 2012

Being more environmentally conscious isn’t just fashionable at the moment, it is a necessity. With the world population now over 7 billion, resources are become more scarce by the day. Water, energy, metals and other materials need to be recycled and preserved for future generations to live comfortable, productive lives.

Each individual has the ability to make a difference. The energy required to heat and cool are homes is enormous. In many areas large coal plants are used which contribute to pollution. By installing more energy efficient windows, doors More…

Waste Not Want Not: Maybe Mom Was Right

Posted by – May 15, 2012

Waste less and bank more dollars is a ‘truism’ you can count on, no matter what your age may be. The ‘disposable’ mindset that many people have adopted over the years has now been turned on its ear. Today everyone needs to share in the responsibility of making our world a better, cleaner and healthier place to live.

Recycling is important regardless of how big a project you decide to tackle. Each little step is rewarding, even if you just choose More…